Have you looked at the FULL BENEFIT document when comparing [CalPERS to SISC]?

I got a printout of my current Kaiser policy as well CalPERS Kaiser policy. Real full length copies which list ALL 135 different coverages not just the short sheet you commonly see. On the short condensed list of coverages, both policies look comparable but when you compare all 135 components. They are many significant differences. Have you looked at the FULL BENEFIT document when comparing. CalPERS Kaiser covers some very expensive items that other Kaiser plans don’t.


The plan comparisons provided were selected by the most applicable criteria on the one sheet. There will always be variances from plan to plan but according to the mutually agreed to criteria plans offered needs to be equivalent of better. Plans have not been selected yet. CSEA 262 will be putting together a committee to review plan options to be provided to the membership for approval. Please respond to the invitation when it is sent out, your research will prove very beneficial to our membership.


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