You Asked, We Answered!

There are some exciting changes coming up for your CSEA Chapter 262. No one needs to tell you how busy you are. Your dilemma is you want to be able to voice your opinions and have a voice in your Chapter’s important activities, but you can’t always come to Chapter meetings. 

While Chapter Leadership would certainly appreciate attendance by all at our Chapter meetings, we all know that is not always possible. During the course of the year, our Chapter members must vote on a number of things that come before the membership, for example. Electing Chapter officers, conference delegates, and contract ratifications are just a few important examples.

Changes to voting options coming soon.

Changes to voting options coming soon.

If you can’t always come to Chapter meetings, how can you participate in these important Chapter elections? Your Chapter Leaders have been developing a plan and working toward offering Chapter members an alternative means for voting!

Currently, you have to attend the Chapter meeting to vote for items on the agenda. You also have to walk to various campus locations to cast a vote in chapter elections and contract ratifications. This is tedious, slow, and time consuming. 

For several years, Chapter members have asked whether they could cast a vote with an absentee ballot or by proxy or by using a mail-in ballot. The answer has always been no due to the high cost of maintaining the required mailbox and printing and mailing the ballots. Mail-in and absentee voting is cost-prohibitive, slow, and takes a great deal of time and effort. Association Policy also does not permit proxy voting, and our Chapter Constitution currently only permits in-person voting. So what can we do? 

Well, your Chapter Leadership has heard your concerns and are working on a solution that they believe will satisfy everyone’s concerns. All the details have not yet been worked out, so you will have to wait and attend the next Chapter meeting on March 20 to find out. Stay tuned!