Chapter Web Site Update & Social Media

Your CSEA 262 Chapter Web Site has been recently updated! New links to the collective bargaining agreement, your Chapter Constitution, Executive Board officers, union stewards.  If you want more information about your Chapter, CSEA, or things related, please visit the Chapter web site at  This month, your Chapter leaders also approved a new web hosting service that will allow for accessible, responsive web design tools.  Your Chapter web site is being totally redesigned from the ground up!  The new web site will work on desktop computers, tablets and iPads, laptops, and popular smart phone formats (iPhone and Android).


Additionally, the web content is being rewritten to be more informative, more engaging, and (hopefully!) more interesting for members.  Redesigning the web site will take some time, so there is no estimate as to when the new site will be launched.  However, the goal right now is to soft-launch sometime before the end of this academic year to allow members to review and comment during the Summer intersession.  Then the final launch should happen in the Fall 2019 semester.

Don’t forget to visit our Facebook page as well …

You can now also follow us on Twitter and Instagram.  Our new Twitter and Instagram channels were created to help us contact you quickly and easily about breaking news and information of a timely nature.  These channels also give you a way to keep in touch with your Chapter Leadership and each other!  Follow your friends and colleagues and make plans, chat, share moments, or just watch and observe.  Your Chapter leadership wants to remind you that viewing web sites and social media should be done on your breaks, during lunch, or anytime you are not at work during business hours.