Delegates Elected to Annual Conference

On Wednesday April 17, Chapter members elected five delegates and four alternate delegates to represent them at CSEA’s 93rd Annual Conference July 29 through Aug. 2 at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas.  Those delegates are Barbara Carrillo, Mark Fernandez, Brandon Gillett, Yolanda Haro, and Calin Harris.  Alternates elected were Abigail Morales, Steve Gomez, Cason Smith, and Irma Tepepa.

CSEA 93rd Annual Conference

CSEA 93rd Annual Conference

Chapter delegates will attend conference to vote on resolutions, adopt a budget, elect Association officers, and set CSEA’s course for the year ahead.  More than 2,000 delegates, leaders, staff and guests are expected to attend CSEA's biggest event of the year.  This year there are nine resolutions delegates will debate and decide.  Some of these resolutions could alter CSEA policy, while others may require the writing of legislation to become new or modify existing law.  Still, there are many members who may not realize the huge influence CSEA has had on educational laws.

In 1959, CSEA sponsored a bill that became known as the Classified Bill of Rights.  These laws guaranteed classified employees the right to fair wages, benefits, job classifications, the 40-hour work week, sick leave, vacation and bereavement leave, laws prohibiting age discrimination, and more.  This bill was described as “the most spectacular breakthrough in legislative achievements by any single organization.”

Annual Conference is CSEA’s most important meeting of the year, and delegates who attend get to witness the strength of our union, learn how our association operates, and, most importantly, participate first-hand in a member-run democratic union.