EASE-y Does it!

Did you know one of the best kept non-secrets for Mt. SAC employees is an assistance program for anyone struggling with family troubles, job anxieties, stress, emotional distress, grief, loss, life transitions, and drug and/or alcohol problems?  If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you can get help from the college’s Employee Assistance Service for Education (EASE) program.

Offered through the Los Angeles County Office of Education, EASE provides pre-treatment assessment and counseling services.   While virtually all medical health plans offered by the current CalPERS providers offer psychological counseling, such formal clinical treatment is not always needed or even wanted.  The EASE program can help counsel an employee who just needs a little help or to help the employee realize more substantial assistance is needed.  EASE is not a replacement or substitute for the district’s health-care plan, although it is a beneficial and effective extension of the provider plan.  EASE also provides consultation to managers on dealing with emotional issues in the workplace.

There is also a Mobil Crisis Team that can be called if there is an incident that impacts the workplace. Worksites impacted by sudden death or violence may request on site support for the employees.  Thankfully, Mt. SAC has never had a major incident on campus that would necessitate a Crisis Team’s help, but there is some solace in knowing this service is available.

Along with these personal services, EASE has a web site (https://www.lacoe.edu/Home/EASE) that has more resources available, including information about a domestic violence “escape plan,” gambling addiction counseling and treatment, coping with suicidal thoughts, relaxation audio clips, and an archive of articles spanning back more than five years.  All of this information is free, requires no registrations or personal identification, and there are even hotline numbers available for various needs.

If you find yourself in need of assistance, you should explore the EASE web site to learn what resources are available to you.  If you want to discuss your issues with someone from EASE, you can call their 24/7 access line at 1.800.882.1341.