Members to Vote Changes to Chapter Constitution

The next Chapter meeting on June 15 can potentially bring big changes to the election process for your Chapter 262. A revision of the Chapter Constitution and By Laws will permit for the first time online voting for Chapter Officers, delegates, and contract ratifications.


If members approve the changes, the revised constitution will be submitted to CSEA headquarters for review. CSEA will check to make sure our Chapter Constitution does not violate or contradict CSEA policy (remember that CSEA policy is member-written policy via resolutions at Annual Conference or by Area Directors at monthly Area Director meetings). Once approved by CSEA, the changes will become effective and Chapter 262 can begin the process of converting to online voting.  The plan is to complete the process by November or December prior to the election of new Chapter Officers. 

For several years, Chapter members have asked whether they could cast a vote with an absentee ballot or by proxy or by using a mail-in ballot. The answer has always been no due to the high cost of maintaining the required mailbox and printing and mailing the ballots. Mail-in and absentee voting is cost-prohibitive, slow, and takes a great deal of time and effort. Association Policy also does not permit proxy voting, and our Chapter Constitution currently only permits in-person voting.  

If members approve the revisions, voting will be more inclusive of the membership.  Typically, our Chapter members respond to current online surveys in the sixty to seventy percent range, which is extraordinarily high for surveys (usually a 20 to 30 percent response rate is considered amazing).  With online voting, your Chapter 262 will be even more representative and participatory than ever.  Make sure you attend the June Chapter meeting and vote!