Summertime No Time for Down Time

If you have been a long-time Mt. SAC employee, you know that the end of the Spring semester is followed by the Summer and typically some relief to the urgency and the usual hurry-up-I-need-it-yesterday activities during the academic year.  After Spring finals, faculty had a week to complete all grading and turn in grades.  Information Technology had a few days to process the grades and make sure all records were updated for registration.  Student Services had time to process all their paperwork, do their year-end reports, and start preparing for summer school.  If you have been a long-time Mt. SAC employee, you remember fondly of those days because those days are long gone.

This past semester has been one of the busiest in recent memory, and most of us are probably not even aware of all that has happened.  Just reading some of what these were can be exhausting.  Probably the most significant to CSEA 262 members is the passing of the Health Benefits tentative agreement after more than a year of negotiations with the District, months of evaluating health provider vendors and plans, more than ten informational meetings, hundreds of questions, several member surveys, member feedback, and literally hundreds of hours of work from the negotiating teams — the first step is complete.  Yes, the FIRST step.  There is still much more to do.  

Construction of the new multi-multi-million-dollar Student Center has begun, and demolition of the last row-buildings has started.  The college bookstore will also be moving to its new location just south of the new Student Center.  The Instruction Office will also be moving to the top-floor above the bookstore building.  While not a physical relocation, a reorganization has moved Professional Development back over into Human Resources.  In May CSEA 262 and 651 held a very successful Classified School Employees week with a great luncheon from Management Steering and another Hollywood edition of The Classys produced by Classified Senate.

There is much more to tell but suffice it to say that this summer will not be a period of downtime for anyone.  We are all busy, we are working a summer 4/10 schedule, and the Fall Semester is going to arrive faster than we want.  Just remember to stop, take a breath, close your eyes, and turn yourself “off” for a few minutes every day, and keep up the outstanding work that you do for the college and our students as classified professionals.