Am I A Member?

In January 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in the Janus v. American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees case against labor unions requiring “agency fees” or sometimes known as “service fees” from employees who are not members of a union.  This ruling was a blow to labor unions who are required to represent non-member employees on bargaining agreement grievances and violations.  Essentially, non-members receive this service at no cost to them but at some cost to the union.


Another side-effect is that the ruling caused some confusion about what being a “member” means.  CSEA is the larger organization, and the “service fees” portion of dues goes directly to CSEA to pay for all the benefits and services provided to members.  Each Chapter, like our Chapter 262, also has its own chapter fees, which gives members the right to vote for chapter officers, vote on contract ratification (see article above), represent CSEA 262 on governance and selection committees, and enjoy other benefits of membership.  Chapter 262 dues are $1 per month tenthly.

The question many have asked, then, is what is a member and am I one?  Ironically, the Janus decision has made this question easier to answer.  You are a member if you signed the CSEA membership application and are paying local Chapter dues (which you can see on your pay stub in the portal) and you are paying the monthly dues that go to CSEA (also shown on the pay stub).  If you are paying these fees, then you are a member.  If you check your pay stub in the portal and do not see these deductions (see image), then you are NOT a member of CSEA or Chapter 262.

A full-time employee who earns $3150 or more per month will pay the full dues amount of $47.25. Less-than full-time employees pay dues that are 1.5% of your monthly salary.  In addition, you must also pay the Chapter dues of $1.  The sample pay stub at left shows how these deductions look on your pay stub.

If you are not a member and want to start participating in deciding your own contract, choosing chapter leadership, enjoying entertainment discounts, and being represented by CSEA stewards at evaluation meetings, disciplinary meetings, and other labor-relations activities, you can fill out the membership application form and submit the completed form to any CSEA officer or send it via campus mail to ZAK GALLEGOS in Facilities, our Chapter Treasurer.