Summertime Activities Safety Advice

One advantage to working in the field of Education is having some time off in the Summer to spend with family and friends. Vacations traditionally happen in the summer, many weddings are summertime events, and trips to the pool, river, or the beach are common.  With all this activity, though, it is often easy to overestimate the dangers of the summer heat.  Summers seem to be getting more severe, and the temperatures seem like they stay higher longer.  It is important, then, to remember some summertime safety strategies.

Exercising in hot weather, for example, requires caution as it can put extra stress on your body. If you are not careful about heat exhaustion or heat stroke, you can become seriously ill.  Exercise, air temperature, and humidity can all contribute to increasing your core body temperature.  Your body compensates for the heat by circulating more through the body, which leaves less blood for muscles, which can increase your heart rate and stress levels.

Listed below are links to articles about exercising and heat.  These links are all to well-known, reliable medical sources, but you should always consult with your personal physician if you engage in any exercise program.  The information at these sites is not intended to be medical advice but as cautionary common-sense approaches to summer heat and activities.

  1. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: “Exercise Safely in Hot Weather”

  2. Mayo Clinic: Heat and Exercise Keeping Cool in Hot Weather

  3. Pritikin Center: 6 Tips for Exercising Safely in Hot Weather

Classified employees should also consider signing up for the FREE MT. SAC Summer Employee Wellness Program.  You will have access to the Cardio/Circuit training room in the Wellness Center along with Group Exercise classes.  You can also access to lap swimming and the weight room in building 44.  A great way to avoid the heat is to exercise indoors or in the pool.