Workforce Time System

Starting July 1, Mt. SAC will be utilizing the Workforce Time and Attendance system for time sheets and leave requests.  As with many new things, there will be a period of adjustment as we all learn how to use Workforce, but we also will find Workforce may still need some adjustments or tweaks here and there.

Several issues have already been identified (like not being able to enter floating holidays in the time entry field) that are being reviewed and fixed.  There are also some functions that may not function the way we want to follow contract language (like vacation requests being copied to your Vice Presidents).  These are also being reviewed and will be fixed. 

Your CSEA 262 recommends that you continue to follow contract language and use Workforce as much as you can.  For example, you must still call or e-mail your immediate manager prior to shift start when you are going to be absent or late.  You can submit a sick-day leave “request” in Workforce, but make sure you do as the contract requires.  Sick leave is not a really “request” because your manager cannot deny sick leave, but Workforce still refers to it as a “Leave Request.”  If you encounter any problems or need assistance, you can send an e-mail to for troubleshooting.  You can also help by making note of any problems, errors, or function that you do not understand or think is working incorrectly and write to the troubleshooting e-mail account.

Some members have already asked about whether Workforce is a time-clock or an “In/Out” board.  Workforce will be used my employees to submit their hours worked, record their leaves (sick, vacation, holiday, bereavement, etc.), and to request time off.  It will not be used as a time-clock or to record “In/Out” attendance.  Currently, our contract requires a manager to “directly observe” absences and tardiness.  Any use of Workforce as a disciplinary tool would be a mandatory subject of bargaining (what we call “scope of representation”) and have to be negotiated with CSEA 262.

The ability to request leaves and enter timesheets electronically (and get rid of the paper and spreadsheets) is a huge timesaver and a convenience for everyone once we get through the growing pains and learn the new routine.  Let’s all put Workforce through its paces.