Successor Agreement Survey Coming Soon

While your Chapter Negotiations Team continues to complete the negotiations cycle for the 2019 Year 3 contract (including the transition to SISC Health Benefit Plans), preparations are beginning for the Successor Agreement Negotiations.  Chapter 262 must submit its initial proposal for bargaining to the District by the last working day in October.  According to CSEA Policy, the Negotiating Team must survey its members to ascertain what to negotiate.

During successor agreement negotiations, there are no limitations (other than what can be reasonably negotiated in the given time period) as to what issues or how many are negotiated.  The Chapter can negotiate terms of any article, completely rewrite any article, remove an article, or even create a completely new article.  The only requirement is that CSEA 262 notify the District what “subjects” Chapter 262 would like to negotiate and what the general purpose goal is.  For example, we would state, “Article 16: Evaluations.  Improving and the evaluation process and form.”

Your Chapter 262 leadership and negotiations team would like you to start thinking about what you would like to be negotiated.  Members, as always, will decide what subjects are to be negotiated.  As you read through the contract, what do you think needs improvement?  Should any articles or provisions be removed?  Do we need to add a new Article or new provisions of an existing article?  Do we need to create a whole new article?  What in the contract is not working well and needs to be changed?  These are a few questions to consider as you consider what you want your Chapter 262 Negotiating Team to negotiate.  Anything reasonable can be negotiated.

Look for the announcement of the survey soon.  Chapter members will need to ratify the initial proposal at the September or October Chapter meeting so it can be presented to the District by the end of October.  Negotiations will begin by February 2020.