Welcome Back!

Today, Friday 23 August, marks the end of the Summer break and the last work day prior to the start of the Fall 2019 Semester.  Friday is faculty FLEX day, so most faculty will be back on campus attending their professional growth workshops as we did last Friday during CPD Day.

The start of this 2019-20 Academic Year will bring many new changes.  Some of these changes are major, such as the Student Centered Funding Formula (SCFF).  This new formula will determine how much money the college receives from the state.  In the past, funding was primarily based on full-time equivalent (FTE) students and growth.  Now, under this new formula, FTEs are only 70 percent of the amount received.  The rest is based on the number of transfer students, certificates and degrees awarded, and financial aid disbursed (for more information about the SCFF, follow this link to the California Community Colleges web site for the SCFF http://bit.ly/30w79vW).  

Mt. SAC is still ahead of most California community colleges in the system as far as available and reserve funding is concerned.  Like most community colleges, though, Mt. SAC is not yet fully aware of the impact the new funding formula will have on the college or the budgeting process.  Extremely cautious budgeting is expected for the next few years while we shake out the kinks and work out the bugs of the new funding formula’s impact.

Arguably the biggest change affecting CSEA members directly, though, will be transitioning from the CalPERS Health Benefit plan to the SISC Health Benefit Plan.  The Human Resources Benefits Office will be launching a new web site very soon with information about the plans, rates, and the forms needed to enroll.  The Benefits site will also be easier for campus employee groups to find the information specific to their group.  Once the site is launched, look for our Chapter 262 logo and click on it.  This will link you to the CSEA 262 specific information (https://www.mtsac.edu/hr/benefits/).  Open enrollment will begin soon as well.  Once the new site is launched, you will be notified by both the Benefits Office and by your Chapter 262 leadership.

Please note that all CSEA 262 members must enroll during the open enrollment period.  If you do not select a plan during open enrollment, the District will enroll you in the single-person plan, which you will not be able to change until next year’s open enrollment or a qualifying life-event occurs.  You will have plenty of time to research the various plans and ask questions before open enrollment ends.  Also remember that your current health plan, all your doctors and medications and treatments are unchanged but will end on December 31, 2019.  The new medical plans will be effective January 1, 2020.  You should receive new health insurance cards and related information sometime in late November or December.  As with most new things, we may experience some growing pains along the way.  We will work it out together.

Welcome (back) to Mt. SAC!