Open Enrollment Continues . . . You MUST Enroll or Risk Losing Benefits

Open enrollment continues as CSEA 262 members transition to the Self-Insured Schools Corporation (SISC).

All CSEA 262 members must enroll during the open enrollment period.  If you do not select a plan during open enrollment, the District will enroll you in the single-person plan, which you will not be able to change until next year’s open enrollment or a qualifying life-event occurs.  You will have plenty of time to research the various plans and ask questions before open enrollment ends.

If you will be covering a spouse and/or any dependents, you must also complete the dependent verification forms and make an appointment with American Fidelity for the dependent verification review.  You must have the required documents with you when you attend your review with American Fidelity.  If you have no dependents and are only enrolling yourself in the plan, please contact Human Resources to verify whether you need an appointment with American Fidelity.

Also remember that your current health plan, all your doctors and medications and treatments are unchanged but will end on December 31, 2019.  The new medical plans will be effective January 1, 2020.  You should receive new health insurance cards and related information sometime in December.  As with most new things, we may experience some growing pains along the way.  Please be “patient” (pun intended) during this transitional year.

For those of you who are currently participating in the opt-out option, you may continue with the opt-out option, but you must still submit the forms and fill out the opt-out forms.  At this time, it is unclear whether there are one or two opt-out forms (one for the District and one for SISC), so please contact Human Resources Benefit Specialist for verification and the forms.