Support for Unions At 50 Year High Gallup Poll Shows

A new Gallup Poll taken in August 2019 shows that 64% of Americans approve of unions.  This is the highest approval rating since 2003, when the approval rating was 65% and 1999 at 66%.


According to Gallup, public support for unions has increased recently probably due to relatively good economic conditions and low unemployment.  By contrast, the lowest union approval ratings in Gallup history came from 2009 through 2012, years of high unemployment that followed the Great Recession. Gallup also observed relatively low union approval during the poor economic times in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Democrats, independents and Republicans are all more likely to view unions positively now than they were at the low point a decade ago. Notably, since 2009, union approval has increased among each party group by 16 or 17 points. Democrats (82%) remain far more likely than Republicans (45%) to approve of unions.


Unions are constantly under attack by anti-union organizations, and the most recent attack came with the Supreme Court’s Janus decision in 2018 where service fees for non-union workers was declared unconstitutional.  Whether you support unions or not, there is no question the history of unions has improved the lives, rights, and status of all workers. 

Unions fought for and won collective bargaining rights, weekends, the 40-hour work week, overtime laws, vacation and sick leave, and many other rights and privileges.  If you want to show your support for your union, CSEA has created two posters — one for work and one for home.  Open the attached flyer, print the two posters, and display each at the appropriate location.  Exercise your right to free speech and supporting the union movement and remember the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, who said “The labor movement was the principal force that transformed misery and despair into hope and progress.”