Research & Additional Resources

Since January 2019, the CSEA Chapter 262 Negotiations Team has held informational meetings to keep members full informed about the progress of negotiations as well as choices members need to make. The decision to select a health benefit administrator is complex and very personal, so your Chapter leadership wants to ensure you have all the data you need . . . and more.

CSEA strictly follows the democratic, so all active members of Chapter 262 will have the opportunity to ask questions, debate the issues, and finally vote. If you are not a member of CSEA Chapter 262, you cannot participate in the debate or vote. Now is the perfect time to become an active member and join CSEA Chapter 262 so you can debate and vote on this important decision.

Below you will find slide presentations, handouts, links to online resources, and any other information presented at these information meetings. You are strongly encouraged to download and/or view this information, and it is quite extensive, to help you make an informed decision right for you and your family.

Informational Meetings

May Update