Student-Centered Funding Formula

Let’s Write A Resolution!

Many Chapter 262 members have asked questions about the Student-Centered Funding Formula’s impact on CSEA 262 members.  CSEA’s primary function is to protect your rights and your bargaining unit work.  CSEA often accomplishes this through legislation, legislation inspired by resolutions submitted by members at CSEA Annual Conference. Your Chapter 262 leadership would like to submit a resolution at Annual Conference directing CSEA to lobby for improvements to the Student-Centered Funding Formula. You can help by submitting your questions and concerns in the form below.  Your Chapter leadership will use this information to draft the resolution, which will then be presented to you for ratification and submitted to Conference.

You may submit as many questions or concerns as you wish, but please enter only ONE question or concern at a time. If you want to submit another question or concern, click on your browser’s refresh button after you submit your response. Please note that any comments unrelated to the SCFF will be ignored and deleted.