CSEA 262 is contractually obligated through the negotiations process to meet the following timelines:

  • End of March 2019 — Hold informational vote to select a third-party administrator to compare to CalPERS.

  • April 30, 2019 — CECHCRs to hold informational presentation about Anthem and Blue Shield.

  • Early May 2019 — Hold informational vote between Kaiser/Anthem and Kaiser/Blue Shield.

  • Mid-May 2019 — SISC to hold informational forum with Q&A for members.

  • Mid-May 2019 — CalPERS rates are published. Negotiations Team will resume negotiations with the District.

  • End of May — Stay or Go. Members vote whether to Stay in CalPERS or switch to SISC. To make a fully inclusive decision, the Negotiation Team’s goal is to have two-thirds (66%) of the membership (approximately 318) participation in the vote.

  • June 2019 — If members vote to leave CalPERS, begin transition process for moving to SISC with the assistance of CECHCRs.

Utilize the “Find Your Doctor” (scroll to bottom of the page) tool and follow up with members of the Task Force. The “FYD” tool will have two (2) links. One for Anthem and One for Blue Shield. Kaiser members doctors and facilities will not be effected by a move to a new administrator.

Attend Chapter Meetings — Read the Insurance Committee reports. Provide feedback and questions to treasurer@csea262.org or vp2@csea262.org or leave a question on the chapter Health Benefit Questions form.