Chapter Elections

Chapter elections are held every year at the December chapter meeting. Shown below is the election procedure as described in Article 4 of the CSEA 262 Constitution.

If you are interested in running for a Chapter office, you can submit your nomination at either the October or November Chapter meeting. What are the Executive Board positions? If you want to know more about your Chapter 262 officer positions and the duties they entail, click here.

Chapter Election Procedures

Article IV Section 4
Nominating and Election Procedures

  1. A Nominating Committee appointed as hereinafter provided shall provide its nominations to fill the elective offices of President, 2nd Vice President, Treasurer, and Public Relations Officer, which shall be submitted in the even-numbered years at the October chapter meeting.  The committee shall provide its nominations to fill the elective offices of 1st Vice President, Secretary, Chief Job Steward, and Site Representative Coordinator, which shall be submitted in the odd-numbered years at the October chapter meeting.

  2. Nominations for these offices shall also be accepted from the floor at the appropriate October and November chapter meetings.

  3. If, after nominations are closed at the November chapter meeting there is only one nomination for an office, the single nominee shall be declared elected to the office, and no balloting or other action shall be required.  The Chapter President shall so notify the membership in writing as soon thereafter as possible.

  4. When there is more than one nominee for an office, a secret ballot election shall be conducted in the month of December, on the day scheduled for the chapter meeting.  Balloting shall be conducted at such times and at campus site locations as determined by the Chapter President.  Hours for balloting shall be set so that polls will close prior to the start of the chapter meeting.

  5. Every member shall be notified, at least five working days in advance of the date set for balloting, of the exact location of their balloting site, the specific date and time (hours) during which balloting will take place, and the candidates and offices which will appear on the ballot.  At least two election tellers will be present at each balloting site to verify voter eligibility and secure the balloting process.

  6. Immediately following the appointed hour for close of polls, the election tellers shall deliver the ballot boxes, sign-in sheets and related materials to a pre-determined location where the tally will then take place.

  7. All procedural matters relating to the site balloting process and tally shall be conducted in accordance with Association Policy 618 and Robert's Rules of Order.  All candidates shall be permitted to appoint an observer at each site to observe the balloting procedures, and each candidate or his/her representative shall be permitted to observe the ballot tally.

  8. It shall require a plurality vote to elect an officer.  Write-in votes shall not be accepted.  The official ballot tally shall be provided in writing to all candidates within five working days, and shall be announced at the December chapter meeting, where the presiding officer shall officially declare the winning candidates or announce such other action as may be necessary.

  9. All ballots, including used, unused, invalid and challenged ballots, sign-in sheets, tally sheets and related election documents, including notices of nomination and election, shall be retained by the Chapter Secretary for one year, or until any and all challenges to the election or charges of misconduct in running the election have been resolved, whichever is the longer period.