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CSEA is your advocate on the job and your personal support network of more than 240,000 members and 250 professional labor experts throughout the state. We have a proven record of success and a reputation for getting results.

Exclusive Services

Basically, your CSEA membership is all about giving you the peace of mind you want and the opportunities you deserve. Beyond negotiating the best possible contracts for classified employees, we make sure our members' rights are always protected. CSEA also offers a wide range of programs to help its members both on and off the job, including: dozens of training programs, scholarship opportunities, member-only insurance programs, financial services, free legal assistance and much more.

Every Member Has A Voice

While the services we offer our members are unmatched, it is the democracy of CSEA that really sets us apart. For nearly a century, CSEA has thrived as a democratic, member-governed union. That means, as a member, you are the union. All of our decision-making comes from the membership. From your local chapter to the state board of directors, CSEA's leadership is comprised of democratically elected volunteers who work regular classified jobs, just like you. Every member has a voice!

Some employees take it for granted that their job and the benefits they receive are secure and permanent, but that is not the case. Every year, basic cost of living raises and pensions come under attack. Your membership and participation in CSEA help us fight for better pay raises, pension security, health insurance, sick leave and the other important benefits you and your family rely on. More importantly, CSEA gives us the opportunity to make improvements for all classified employees and the students we serve. Join us as we work together to make a difference!

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Chapter Name: Mt. San Antonio College Chapter 262

Area: G • Region 35 • Santa Fe Field Office

The CSEA Victory Club Needs You!

CSEA’s primary purpose is to protect your jobs, your rights, and your working conditions. A union does that through collective bargaining, the grievance process, and organizing. These activities are all very important and essential, but one other union function doesn’t get a great deal of attention but is arguably one of the most important functions of a labor union — legislation!

The Classified Bill of Rights has been described as ‘the most spectacular breakthrough in legislative achievements by any single organization’

The CSEA Government Relations team works every day to protect you from anti-labor laws, attacks on your pension (which occur virtually every year), and erosion of your rights. In fact, the majority of protections gained by CSEA members was through legislation. The Victory Club seeks to:

  • Fully fund education and ensure the promise of full funding for our schools is kept.

  • Protect and preserve our pensions from legislation and initiatives intending to take away guaranteed pensions and force employees into risky 401k style plans.

  • Provide access to affordable health care by campaigning for legislation and ballot measures to ensure every classified employee has quality, affordable health care.

  • Elect lawmakers and school board members who support public education, classified employees, and organized labor.

  • Pass school bonds so we can build, update, and renovate our school facilities.

  • Stop privatization and outsourcing of classified jobs to the private sector.

The Victory Club raises money to help accomplish these protections, and every Victory Club dollar is spent on election issues. Not one dollar goes to CSEA overhead.

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