Online Labor Rights Resources

The following are links to online resources for Job Stewards or anyone wanting more information about your rights as an employee.

  • California Government Code: Section 3540 establishes the rights of employees to form unions, defines employer-employee relations, and gives unions the right to meet and negotiate with employers. This section also defines the employee types, including “classified” and “supervisory” employees. All stewards should become familiar with this language.

  • California Labor Code: This code establishes many of the rights and protections of employees, including the definition of a workday and workweek, right to breaks and meal periods, and the right to earn overtime. Stewards should be familiar with these codes, particular Sections 200, 500, and 1126.

  • California Education Code: This code is the main code for rights and protections of community college classified employees, particularly Division 7 Community Colleges. Other protections are found in Division 8 California State University (also known as the Higher Education Employee Relations Acts or HEERA).

  • California Public Employee Relations Board

  • Ralph C. Dills Act

  • Educational Employees Relations Act

  • Higher Education Employees Relations Act

  • PERB Decision Search Engine: If you need to search for or research past unfair practices, this page is the source of all PERB decisions. It’s not a great search engine, but finding relevant information can be done if you are familiar with how the search engine works and is cross-referenced.