Benefits of Membership

When you join CSEA, you get so much more than the opportunity to vote on your contract or for chapter officers. You also get programs and services that improve your life at work and home. Just look at this list of benefits CSEA members enjoy.

Legal Help

Dependent Scholarships

Student Loan Reducer Program

Career Grants

Member Reimbursement Subsidy

Education Planning

Savings and Tax Breaks

Seminars & Workshops

Union Plus Free College Benefit

Auto Discounts and Services

Car Rentals

Member Benefits Service Centers




Home Discounts

CSEA Online Store

Insurance Providers

How Does CalPERS Work?

How Will You Spend Your Retirement?

Join the Retiree Unit

Plan Ahead

Pre-Retirement Seminars

Retirement FAQ

Social Security and Your CalPERS Pension

Working After Retirement

No Cost Medicare Health Plan Counseling

Theme Parks

Aquariums & Zoos

Recreational Activities

Movie Theatres

Water Parks

Financial Service Providers

These benefits are only available to members - Join CSEA Today!