Dues Structure

Your dues dollars work for you by funding programs and services that benefit you, your Chapter, and all CSEA classified employees. This chart shows the approximate distribution of your dues dollars.

CSEA Dues Distribution Pie Chart

CSEA Dues Distribution Pie Chart

Because CSEA members set Association dues at the annual conference, CSEA is able to offer one of the most affordable dues structures in California. If you are a full-time employee, your dues are 4.9% of your gross monthly salary (excluding overtime) up to a maximum of $47.25 per month (for 10 months). These are Association dues, which do not automatically make you a Chapter member.

To join our Chapter 262, you will pay an additional $1 per month (for 10 months). This money goes toward Chapter expenses, such as the annual chapter budget, Classified School Employees Week, maintaining the Chapter web site, Chapter meeting expenses, and more.

If you also want to assist CSEA’s legislative effort to continue sponsoring legislation that protect school employee rights and benefits, join the Victory Club today!