District Proposes New Designated Smoking Areas

The Facilities Advisory Committee (FAC) is responsible for reviewing requested changes to the designated smoking areas on campus. Facilities constantly receives requests to move or remove these designated areas. However, your CSEA Chapter 262 representative on the Committee (Communications Officer Mark Fernandez) reminded the Committee that these areas are a “working condition” subject to the college’s Governance process and the current locations were designated in collaboration with CSEA 262.  In observance of this governance process, your Chapter 262 leadership would like your feedback regarding the proposed new locations for these areas.

Facilities determined the two most common reasons people on campus were not utilizing the current smoking areas was lack of seating and lack of shade, so all of the proposed designated smoking areas will include benches for seating and will be placed in shaded areas.  You are asked to provide feedback to determine whether these areas are acceptable.

On your Chapter 262 web site is a page with a survey about these locations.  Please look at each designated area map (a close-up of each area is provided), which includes a rendering of each area so you can see what the space will look like (they have not yet been built) and a map of each area’s location.  If the designated area is acceptable, click on the “Approve” choice.  If you do not like the proposed area, click on “Object” but please include a comment in the comment area explaining why you object (optional) so your Committee representative can provide feedback.

Finally, at the end of the survey, if you can think of any other areas on campus where you would like to see a designated smoking area added to these existing/proposed areas, please leave a comment in the comment box with your proposed location so those areas can be considered.  Follow the link below to the Proposed Designated Smoking Areas Survey on your Chapter 262 web site!

Any questions about this issue can be directed to your Chapter 262 FAC Representative Mark Fernandez (Chapter Communications Officer).


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