Upcoming EEO Training

Mt. SAC’s most important asset is its employees, because without exceptional administrators, managers, faculty, and classified professionals, Mt. SAC might as well be a parking lot.  CSEA 262 needs you to volunteer as a CSEA representative for selection committees.  To serve as a CSEA 262 representative, you must be a Chapter member and cannot work in the department hiring the employee.  You also must attend a Selection Committee/EEO training within the last two years.  If you have not received the training, the next available training will be Thursday, August 1 at 2pm.  Please register at the Professional and Organizational Development Activities Calendar (https://prodweb.mtsac.edu/prodapex/f?p=205:15:::NO:15:P15_ACTIVITYID:9320) and log in to register.  

For more information or to volunteer to serve on a committee, please contact Marlene Espina (vp2@csea262.org ormespina@mtsac.edu).

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