Open Enrollment has begun!


Open Enrollment has begun!  Your CSEA 262 Leaders have received many calls and questions regarding opt-out of the Health plan.  You may recall that when we voted to switch to SISC, we had agreed to new language in the contract regarding opt-out.

If you are currently opted-out, you may continue.  No new opt-outs will be accepted as of January 2019 (SISC does not permit opt-out, but they agreed to grandfather in our current opt-outs).

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact your CSEA 262 leadership.

Your CSEA Chapter 262 Executive Board and Negotiations Team want to ensure all members are fully informed with all the current information regarding the health benefit options so you can make an informed decision about the health benefit choice.  CSEA understands that changing health plan administrators is a complex process and a very personal decision for every unit member.  Therefore, you will receive periodically a Health Benefit Update like this one.

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