Site Representative Duties

The Site Representative’s duties are found in the Chapter 262 Constitution:



Section 1.Site Representatives to serve each work site shall be appointed by the President and ratified by the Executive Board. 

Section 2.Site Representative duties shall be to: 

(a) Recruit employees into CSEA membership and educate employees about CSEA. 

(b) Distribute chapter newsletter, bulletins, and other CSEA information at the work site; keep CSEA bulletin boards up-to-date and clear of non-CSEA material. 

(c) Conduct periodic site-level meetings to keep the members informed of actions taken at chapter meetings, to explain CSEA benefit plans and services, and to keep members informed of Association and/or chapter activity regarding grievances, PERB decisions, contract negotiations, legislative and political activity, and other matters of importance. 

(d) Relay member concerns to the appropriate Job Steward or other chapter officer. 

(e) Attend chapter meetings; attend training workshops and other seminars as directed and approved by the Chapter President; attend joint Job Steward/Site Representative (site council) meetings as may be called by the Site Representative Coordinator, 1stVice President, and/or Chief Job Steward.