Chapter Web Site Survey

Now that the dust has settled from all the construction, your brand new, modern, responsive, accessible web site is open for business! That does not mean the work is completed, though. Even though that sounds contradictory, a web site is constantly changing, always evolving, never idle. We need your help, though, to tell us how we’re doing so far.

Before you begin the survey, however, please take a few minutes to visit as much of this site on as many devices as you can. Desktop, laptop, tablets or iPads, mobile or smart phones all will display this site differently, but the content should be easy to find and easy to read regardless of the device. Please visit the site with one or more devices and tell us, honestly, about your experience. The whole point to this web site is to provide you with the information you want and need, so please let us know if this is mission accomplished!

Name *
The new Chapter web site is appealing.
The navigation is easy to use and follow.
I am able to easily find the information I want.
The content is well-written and interesting.
The site looks great on my smartphone!
Give us an overall grade for the new site!