Negative Performance Evaluations (NI)

  1. The unit member with a minimumof 15 work days to respond (rebuttal)

  2. The unit member the right to union representation during this process

  3. The unit member the right to discuss the evaluator’s judgement and recommendations with the next higher manager or VP of Human Resources

  4. The development of a ”Needs Improvement” plan that:

    • Specific recommendations for improvement

    • Specific, observable outcomes of “successful” remediation

    • A 60-day timeline to complete the remediation

    • Provisions for assisting the unit member

    • Development in consultation with the next higher manager, Human Resources, and CSEA 262 prior to giving to unit member

    • After completion of 60-days, a review to determine remaining deficiencies and, if none, conclude evaluation or another 60-day period in which to remediate remaining deficiencies

    • Repeat a third 60-day plan if there are still deficiencies, but any remaining deficiencies may be the basis for disciplinary action